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Skoolz is an award-winning Edu-Tech firm with a mission is to help schools enhance their digital presence, meet verified and genuine potential parents and increase admissions. Education institutes can build a complete profile with 75+ relevant information, limitless photos, and videos to assist parents in making an informed decision. Parents get access to first-hand information of the schools.

Why Skoolz? For Schools
Meet verified & genuinely interested parents at your School

Our strong digital presence has ensured that your potential parent's database grows every day. We have devised innovative methods of attracting and engaging parents. The ease of scheduling an appointment is the icing on the cake for parents to meet you. Furthermore, we can speak with parents and make sure they meet you.

Increase in application forms & admissions

It is an excellent opportunity for parents to learn about schools, connect with management with ease, shortlist, and submit application forms with a single click from the comfort of their homes. The easy process would multiply the number of application forms and provide you an opportunity to increase your admissions.

Increase your digital visibility by showcasing your complete profile.

Our thorough research has paid off, and we've created a page that parents will appreciate. It allows schools to communicate key differentiating factors, create an extensive profile to showcase all the relevant information with unlimited photographs and videos to help you gain the much-needed Digital visibility.

We assist you in justifying your school fee.

When parents compare your school fees with another school, we are aware how difficult it can be to justify the same. This is where we will play a key role by showcasing everything you offer and comparing it to others and provide compelling reasons for them to choose your school.

We assist you in getting genuine reviews for your School

Parents would love to hear from another parent whose kid has enrolled in your school. It is one of the most vital factors for any parent to consider. It's no secret that social media reviews are less trustworthy. We assist you in obtaining genuine reviews by reaching out to parents on your behalf.

We will follow up on your behalf.

Following up can be challenging. Some parents like it, while others don't; some find it irritating. Do you want us to handle the follow-up on your behalf, such as reminding them of the appointment or following up after a few days of meeting you? We can handle that for you with a follow-up message or phone call.

We promote your School on our social media pages

A parent would only look for external approval. How about having our experts write about your school, promote it on our social media platforms, and assist you in reaching out to the thousands of parents who follow us on our social media platforms? And help parents to visit your exclusive page.

Promote your leaders as Thought Leaders

It's all about the leaders and their experience in the education field that is important. Every parent respects leadership at the helm. Parents would like to learn more about your leaders. How about we highlight your leaders at our events and conduct interviews on specific topics to promote as Thought Leaders?

How Does Skoolz help parents who are looking for Admission?
Everything you ever wanted to know about a school is right here.

We went the extra mile and conducted extensive research to learn everything a parent needs to know before making the most crucial decision for their child. As a result, 75+ prominent information, 15+ image categories, and 50+ sports and extracurricular information would assist you in gaining the most up-to-date information about schools to make the most informed decision for your child.

Assisting you in locating nearby schools

There are occasions when parents miss school, which is right next door. Our AI-powered search engine assists parents in locating the missing school next door. Allow Skoolz to access your location. We facilitate you in locating the school that is closer to you. The location search also informs you of how far your child must travel daily.

We allow you to compare schools before deciding on one.

We understand how difficult it is to choose amongst the schools you have shortlisted. However, you require accurate information from the schools to compare them, and we made it possible for you with a single click. We allow you to compare three schools side by side to make an apple-to-apple comparison on each criterion and make the best decision for your child.

You desired a genuine review by parents.

As a parent, you need genuine review by a parent who has enrolled their kid in the school. We made it possible by ensuring that the reviews are genuine and that you can rely on them. Parents can only review a school if they have applied for admission, and you may blindly trust them. Isn't it great?

Book an appointment with one click

Have you tried to reach the school management to book an appointment at your convenient time and not been successful? Not anymore!! How wonderful would it be if you could schedule a meeting with the school administration with just one click? What's more impressive is that you have the option of scheduling a virtual meeting, a physical meeting, or simply a call back. Isn't it cool? We've made things easy for you.

Submit multiple applications with one click

We know how difficult it is to reach out to schools, especially during a pandemic year, to buy those application forms after hours of standing in the queue and then the hassle of filling them out and submitting them, and then making all those corrections and resubmitting, so we've made it simple for you. We allow you to fill out the application form once and submit it to multiple schools with a single click. Isn't it superb Kool?

Helping you understand School's Leaders

You were concerned about the school's leaders and their thought processes and experience in the education sector. You wanted to hear from them; you wanted to learn more about them, their expertise in education, and their thought process. We took note of your request. We asked the institute's leaders those critical questions, and the video is there for you to access

Your heartbeat for underprivileged children

We heard you, we know your heartbeat for underprivileged children, and we share the same heart. So, as a result, each time you apply to a school through Skoolz and pay the application fee, a portion of Skoolz's share of 100/-, as well as a portion of the institutes' share will be added to the kitty to sponsor underprivileged children in society to receive a better education.

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