Why join Skoolz?

Genuine Appointment Requests
We have devised innovative methods of attracting and engaging parents & ensured our database grows regularly. The ease of scheduling an appointment is the icing on the cake for parents. Furthermore, we can talk to parents on your behalf & help them meet you.
Showcase your profile
Our thorough research has paid off, and we have created a page that thousands of parents have appreciated. It allows you to communicate vital differentiating factors to create an extensive profile to showcase all the relevant information with unlimited photographs and videos.
Get Genuine Reviews
Parents would love to hear from another parent whose child has enrolled with you. It is one of the most vital factors for any parent to consider. It is no secret that social media reviews are less trustworthy. We assist you in obtaining genuine reviews by reaching out to parents on your behalf.
Follow Up
Following up can be challenging. Some parents like it, while others don’t; some find it irritating. Do you want us to handle the follow-up on your behalf, such as reminding them of the appointment or following up after a few days of meeting you? We can handle that for you.
Never miss a Lead
Never miss a call of enquiry from a genuine parent! If an enquiry call is unanswered, it will automatically get directed to the second and then the third registered phone number; if the third is also unanswered, the number will be saved and displayed on your dashboard for easy follow-up.
Social Media Promotions
A parent would also look for external approval. Our experts can write about your School, promote it on our social media platforms, and assist you in reaching out to the thousands of parents who follow us on our social media platforms.
Promote Your Leaders
It is all about the leaders and their experience in the education field that is important. Every parent respects leadership at the helm. Parents would like to learn more about your leaders. We will highlight your leadership at our events and conduct interviews on specific topics to promote them as Thought Leaders.
Discounts from Service Providers
Not just do we help you increase your revenue; we also help you to connect with our genuine and verified service providers who are experts in the services they offer and also provide you with certain discounts as a privilege of being part of the Skoolz network.

One Time Onboarding Fee & Pay Per Lead

Hobby Trainer
Cost Per Lead
₹ 50/-
One Time Onboarding
₹ 880/-
Hobby Institute
Cost Per Lead
₹ 100/-
One Time Onboarding
₹ 8,800/-
Pre School
Cost Per Lead
₹ 400/-
One Time Onboarding
₹ 18,800/-
Day School
Cost Per Lead
₹ 800/-
One Time Onboarding
₹ 28,800/-
Boarding School
Cost Per Lead
₹ 1,500/-
One Time Onboarding
₹ 38,800/-
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